Keratin Power Serum

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Give your nails the very best of care with our Macadamia Oil. This Macadamia Oil is enhanced with essential minerals and Vitamin E for ultra-moisturize and nourish extremely dry nails and toenails. Using nano-molecule technology Macadamia Oil deeply penetrates into the nail matrix for healthier, stronger nails from the inside out. 

GellyFit Macadamia Oil is Global Standard Vegan Certified

Apply nail oil to cuticle the cuticle and surrounding area and massage. Macadamia Oil will absorb cleanly without leaving a greasy residue. 

Available in three sizes: 10ml & 30ml (30ml coming soon) with dropper for no contact application.  14ml n.Blossom deco-bottle with brush applicator for precision application and client take home.