Brush Care

Quality brushes are an investment. Below are some tips and tricks to ensure the longevity of your brushes.
Please make sure to clean your new brush with 100% iso-propyl alcohol before using your brush for the first time, and certainly after each use. This will remove any residual product on your brush, otherwise the hairs could stick together and become misshapen.  
As all of the brushes we carry are handmade and vegan, sometimes there are hairs which are slightly misplaced. You can remove hairs that are out of place by trimming them as close to the ferrule as possible. Be careful to only trim one hair at a time and see how it looks before continuing.
Always store your brush with it's cap/lid on and never set or store your brush near a light source or UV/LED lamp. Any left over gel residue could cure into the bristles and become difficult to remove without damaging the brush.  
In addition, after some time, if you feel your brush hairs are slightly out of place, you can do the following to bring them back together. Clean your brush with 100% iso-propyl alcohol, then cleans with a small amount of base or top coat. Make sure  to put the lid back on and allow the brush to condition overnight with the bristles facing down. This will help to bring the hairs back together nicely. 
If you have any other questions about brush care please email us at:
We hope you enjoy these brushes as much as we do!