All That Glitter Andromeda 2 Beam Collection

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Andromeda Beam Collection is out of this world! This powerful magnetic gel formula is the best on the market! Andromeda was designed to have the greatest amount of reflective sparkle while keeping a rich pigment. It is even stunning over a white base, not many other lines can boast that. A full color line that envelopes the universe. It's love at first site!

A set of 4 glitters gels designed for the ultimate magnetic sparkle. 

Collection includes all 12 colors: AG91, AG92, AG93, and AG94. 

How To Use: After nail prep and GellyFit Base Coat of your choice, apply an appropriate amount of Andromeda, then create your desired effect with a magnet or leave for full nail shimmer. Repeat up to 3 times, if desired. 

-Cure for 30 seconds in LED or 1 minute in UV.