3F System

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GellyFit's 3F System is the ideal way to adhere your 3D accessories using 3 types of fixing gels. 

The 3F System comes with everything you need. FIX Gel (4ml) is a high viscosity, sticky gel that will hold your accessories in place. FIX Gel stays where you place it so you can build clusters without your accessories sliding off the nail.  FILL IN (9ml) Gel is a medium viscosity gel with a fine detail brush that allows you to meticulously fill in any gaps, big or small.  Top it all off with the no-wipe FINISH Gel (9ml) for an extra smooth finish that won't allow your accessories to catch or snag.  


1. Fix your accessory by using the appropriate amount of FIX Gel. Cure 60sec.

2. Use FILL IN Gel to fill in between any gaps between the accessory and the nail. Cure 620sec.

3. Top off with FINISH Gel and cure 60sec.