The Diamond Pro Kit

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Luminary Nail Systems is just that - a nail system. Our products were designed to work together, and the best way to get started on using Luminary as intended is with a Diamond Pro Kit! Included in this bundle is our

  • Commit Primer
  • 10ml Multi-Flex Gel with brush
  • 30ml Multi-Flex Gel refill 
  • Empower (No Wipe) Top Coat
  • Jar (w/label)
  • Squeeze cap

With your 30ml and squeeze cap, you can refill your 10ml bottle or fill up your jar so that it is easier to pick up a larger amount of product with your brush. 

The Diamond Pro Kit Bundle Box is ideal for techs who are completely new to Luminary and want to save some money on purchasing the products.

-Cure 60 seconds LED