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Nail Lacquer - Essentials Collection


GellyFit Nail Lacquer Essentials Collection consists of 38 classic colors. Each full of rich pigments that glide on with dreamy coverage. GellyFit Nail Lacquer is a rich, gel-like long wear, luxury nail polish. Don't forget the Nail Lacquer Base & Top Coats for max adhesion, long wear and stunning shine. 

-Collection Includes 1 each of: GRL001, GRL002, GRL003, GRL004, GRL005, GRL006, GRL007, GRL008, GRL009, GRL010, GRL011, GRL012, GRL013, GRL014, GRL015, GRL016, GRL017, GRL018, GRL019, GRL020, GRL021, GRL022, GRL023, GRL024, GRL025, GRL026, GRL027, GRL028, GRL029, GRL030, GRL031, GRL032, GRL033, GRL034, GRL035, GRL036, GRL037, and GRL038.